Local Democracy and Governance Working Group

The local democracy and governance working group was formed after the second Rural Parliament in Brechin in 2016 to:

  • To deliver on the Manifesto arising from the 2016 Scottish Parliament regarding local democracy and community empowerment
  • To engage with rural communities (and to feed back to those communities) on issues regarding local democracy and community empowerment, especially relating to policy and legislation and to advocate on their behalf.
  • To work with a broad group of key stakeholders including those living and working in rural communities and other organisations with an interest in Democracy and Governance, e.g. community councils.


The Democracy and Governance Working Group will work collaboratively with a wide group of stakeholders in an open engagement process to produce a report that:

  • Clearly outlines the problems facing rural communities in Scotland in relation to local democracy, including some real examples of how the current system does not work.
  • Seeks to ensure that participation and examples are drawn from all areas of rural Scotland and that represent a wide range of views.
  • Briefly outlines how current local democratic structures in Scotland compare with other countries in Europe and worldwide.
  • Attempts to highlight possible preferred options or make recommendations as to the way forward towards better democracy for the people of rural Scotland.

On completion of the report and approval by the participants of the Democracy and Governance Working Group, the Group will:

  • Ask for endorsement of the final report from relevant bodies before publication.
  • Promote the report to all potential stakeholders and interested organisations, including Scottish Government, as well as the press and wider public.
  • Seek a meeting with the Cabinet Secretary for Communities, Social Security and Equalities to discuss the report and seek agreement on its recommendations.


If you’re interested in local democracy, why not start with a read in our Local Democracy forum?

You can view the discussion group from the Rural Parliament itself here:

Amanda Burgauer

Amanda Burgauer

I joined the SRA Board in 2015 as a volunteer. I live in the high hills of South Lanarkshire (Southern Uplands) and am the Treasurer of Wiston Lodge and on the Lanarkshire LAG

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