It is our aim to become a powerful voice for the diverse people and communities of rural Scotland, particularly those not already represented by other interests, to assure that policy and decision-making meets the needs of rural Scotland. It is therefore with great pleasure that we share with you our Manifesto for rural Scotland.

The Manifesto is a statement of the collective views of people from all across our country, informed directly by more than 1,500 people from both accessible and remote rural areas, as well as a distillation of contributions from a wide-range of other sources.

The Manifesto was approved heartily at the Rural Parliament in 2016 and covers a wide-range of topics which reflect needs and views of our communities. There is no time limit on this Manifesto, and we anticipate many of the calls to action and statements within will be relevant for many years to come, whereas others will be quicker to progress.

There were four key areas identified by the Rural Parliament in 2016 for Scottish Rural Action to take forward in 2017-18: Digital Connectivity, Land, Business and Democracy & Governance. All sections of the Manifesto are important, but alongside Transport, these will be the focus of our activities in 2017-18.