About Us

Scottish Rural Action aims to be a powerful voice for the people of rural Scotland.

We are a non-profit, apolitical organisation which is completely independent of Government.

We are a company limited by guarantee formed with the dual purpose of developing and organising Scotland’s Rural Parliament and supporting the development of a rural movement. Our members elect our board of directors each year.

The objects of Scottish Rural Action are:

  • To encourage and actively support the development of an inclusive and sustainable Scottish rural movement that is rooted in Scotland’s rural communities and empowers and connects them.
  • To support the organisation of a Scottish Rural Parliament that meets with the purpose of giving a stronger, more coherent voice to Scotland’s rural communities and enabling them to engage more effectively with government at all levels.
  • To support and promote the development of a Scottish rural movement and Parliament.
  • The creation of a Rural Parliament is a unique opportunity to enable a stronger, more coherent voice for Scotland’s rural communities. It is inspired by the successes of Rural Parliaments in other countries in Europe.
  • A successful Scottish Rural Parliament must be firmly rooted in Scotland’s rural communities, developed by and for the people who live and work in rural Scotland. We are supported, but independent of, Scottish Government.

Scottish Rural Action Resource Documents 2014-Present

Approved Minutes of our AGM 4 March 2016.

Draft Minutes of our AGM 9 December 2016.

Final SRA 2016 Accounts

Approved Minutes of our AGM 6 March 2015.

Download our Memorandum of Association.